Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hi everyone!!

I am sorry for being way for while I had tons of things on my plate but I want to introduce you my new guest blogger, her name is Michelle Waugh, she is this amazing young girl that knows what she wants and is working towards her goals in life, here it is what she wants to share with you today:

If you ever walk into a Levi’s store and overhear someone saying, “These jeans are made of garbage,” don’t fret. They are talking about Levi’s new line called Waste<Less. Twenty percent of the fabric in these jeans is composed of green and brown plastic bottles. With a production of 400,000 items, Levi’s managed to recycle 3.5 million plastic bottles. As the world’s largest producer of jeans, Levi’s innovations will surely make a huge impact. At prices from $69 to $128, this is a small price to make a difference in the world.

Like I said, not bad at all, stay tuned for more posts

Be Moda Elegante.

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