Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I just came from this awesome restaurant, a fusion of Vietnamese and Thai food, it was so different from all the fusion ones that I have ever been, they were playing tango,  took me back to Argentina, so romantic with an ambiance lighting, walls well painted, great customer service, a very good place for couples to have dinner. What really got me impressed was the egg roll, I have never had an egg roll like those, not greasy at all, super fresh. I asked the owners Tan Le and Cindy Pham and they told me that they are very concerned about health, that their level of clientelle understand about quality, Cindy said that she has passion as she cooks and Tan wants to build the best business with a lots of repeat clients.  In a place like this you can use all your senses,let me tell you my local readers, it is a must place to go and to those from far away, try to find a place where you can enjoy eating like this, with good music, healthy food, and great style.

Dreaming about those egg rolls? me too.

Be Moda Elegante by Simone Vianna

P.S. pictures to come soon.

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